Myotherapy for migraines and headaches Geelong

Effective myotherapy for migraines and headaches in Geelong

November 29, 2021Geelong Natural Therapies specialises in myotherapy for patients struggling with migraines and headaches in Geelong and closely surrounding areas. If you are experiencing chronic pain in the muscles around your head such as the neck, face and upper back, then myotherapy may be valuable for you. Headaches can be triggered by a number of things...
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Myotherapy for neck pain in Geelong

Myotherapy for patients experiencing neck pain Geelong

October 20, 2021At Geelong Natural Therapies, we provide the treatment of myotherapy for patients experiencing chronic neck pain in Geelong. Neck pain affects a wide range of patients and is typically a result of inflammation or injury to the muscles, ligaments and joints of the neck due to overuse, poor posture or an incident where the neck...
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Myotherapy for lower back Pain Geelong

Qualified Myotherapy for lower back pain in Geelong

September 29, 2021Geelong Natural Therapies provides qualified myotherapy as a treatment for lower back pain for Geelong clients. Myotherapy is a complex and highly effective therapy that rehabilitates pain and muscular dysfunction, by using soft tissue remedial massage and trigger point release techniques. Myotherapy involves the releasing of tension in various areas of the body, commonly the...
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Karen Evans at Geelong Natural Therapies

Geelong Natural Therapies’ Therapist Spotlight part.1!

June 3, 2019This month’s therapist spotlight is all about Karen Evans. Karen is one of our best myotherapists, and holds an Advanced Diploma of Myotherapy and a Bachelor of Health Science (Comp Med). But her qualifications don’t stop there… She’s also a qualified personal and martial arts trainer, Nuad Bo Rarn practitioner, a member of the Thai...
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What is ‘Emmett therapy’?

June 22, 2015If you don’t enjoy massage treatments using deep pressure, you might enjoy the Emmett technique. Emmett therapy uses gentle pressure applied to specific points on the body to help ease tension and pain. The Emmett technique is named after Ross Emmett, a highly-qualified and well-regarded natural therapies practitioner in Australia. Light pressure is combined with verbal prompts,...
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Oncology Massage – why touch helps

January 28, 2015From the day a person learns they have cancer, their world is never the same again. The innocence of thinking: “it won’t happen to me” is replaced with a myriad of emotions including fear, grief, sadness and a feeling that you’ve lost control of your world. Then add the physical symptoms of the disease, and...
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Myotherapy – not ‘just a massage’

November 6, 2014While massage therapies are a very important aspect of myotherapy, many people fail to understand that massage is just one component to myotherapy. Geelong myotherapy at Geelong Natural Therapies uses a variety of modalities to achieve pain relief, and identify the cause of pain. These include many more options than just massage such as: Orthopaedic and...
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Myotherapy to assist Back Pain

June 30, 2014Poor core strength and core stability is a major contributor of lower back pain and is something that can affect people of all ages. Eliminating lower back pain is difficult unless you address the true cause, which is often a lack of core stability. Your core muscle groups are a brace for your spine and...
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Geelong Myotherapists Easing Pain

June 2, 2014Living with constant pain doesn’t just have a physical impact on sufferers, the emotional impact can leave people devastated and worried for their future. The team at Geelong Natural Therapies understand how constant pain can niggle away at a persons’ psyche and uses a number of methods to identify and treat the cause of pain...
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Heat Packs recommended by Geelong Myotherapists

May 22, 2014Be careful of using smelly old wheatbags over and over and over again – it could lead to a house fire. Not many people realise that over time the grains within wheatbags can dry out and heating them in the microwave can result in a smouldering fire, especially dangerous is the wheatbag is used while...
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