The experienced massage therapists at Geelong Natural Therapies will ease your pain and rebalance your body and soul with the specific massage therapy designed to suit your needs.

Geelong Natural Therapies has massage therapists qualified in Bowen Therapy, myotherapy, the Emmett Technique and remedial massage, who will thoroughly assess your needs before using one or a combination of massage therapies.

Geelong Natural Therapies was first established by myotherapist Shayne Sullivan and now hosts practitioners skilled in a range of massage therapies as well as acupuncture, meditation, naturopathy and reflexology.

Read more about myotherapist Shayne Sullivan and our other myotherapists and explore our range of natural therapy products to assist with healing and maintaining your wellbeing.

Myotherapy at Geelong Natural Therapies


Myotherapy improves the muscular strength, flexibility and pain in patients with a myotherapist assessing, treating and providing ongoing management of muscular injuries and dysfunction. Geelong Natural Therapies has three qualified and experienced myotherapists working from the clinic in Geelong, using myotherapy to treat patients for chronic pain as well as workplace and sporting injuries. You can...
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Oncology Massage at Geelong Natural Therapies

Oncology Massage

Oncology massage alleviates the physical symptoms of cancer and cancer treatment and provides a psychological lift by helping people with cancer reconnect with their body and feel whole again. Geelong Natural Therapies hosts Geelong’s only qualified oncology massage therapists, who treat each of their clients individually by formulating an oncology massage treatment that’s right for their...
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Bowen Therapy at Geelong Natural Therapies

Bowen Technique

The experienced and trained Bowen therapists at Geelong Natural Therapies use the gentle holistic Bowen technique to trigger the body’s healing mechanisms to assist in pain relief and healing. Bowen therapy was developed by renowned natural therapist Tom Bowen, who lived and practiced in Geelong. Tom Bowen developed the theory that the underlying cause or source...
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Dry Needling at Geelong Natural Therapies

Dry Needling

Experienced myotherapists at Geelong Natural Therapies use the dry needling technique to stimulate or deactivate myofascial trigger points within the body. By inserting ultra-fine needles into various muscular trigger points, our myotherapists use dry needling to desensitise or deactivate areas that are causing pain by relaxing the muscles, which provides the patient with relief from chronic...
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Remedial Massage at Geelong Natural Therapies

Remedial Massage

Remedial massage is a deeply penetrating form of massage that helps support and speed up the body’s ability to return to health after injury. The myotherapists at Geelong Natural Therapies use remedial massage therapy to treat injuries and help remove blockages, scar tissue and adhesions that result from surgery. For chronic pain sufferers, remedial massage treats...
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Lymphatic Massage at Geelong Natural Therapies

Lymphatic Drainage

Manual lymphatic drainage is a massage therapy that uses specific rhythmic hand strokes to stimulate the lymphatic system, which moves fluid throughout the body – removing toxins away from healthy cells and delivering germ-fighting cells essential for a healthy immune system. Massage therapists at Geelong Natural Therapies use manual lymphatic drainage techniques to stimulate the...
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Emmett Technique at Geelong Natural Therapies

Emmett Technique

Geelong Natural Therapies has experienced therapists fully trained in the Emmett technique which uses light finger pressure at specific points to release muscles while triggering an emotional change in the patient by using verbal prompts. Developed by renowned natural therapies practitioner Ross Emmett, the Emmett technique is a safe and simple muscle release therapy that...
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Sports Massage

Sports massage helps treat and relieve a variety of ailments and injuries caused by sport or over-exertion during exercise. Massage also assists with the rehabilitation of sporting injuries, including post-surgery recovery. Geelong Natural Therapies is a provider of qualified sports massage, helping athletes get back to what they do best and ensuring people have the...
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Baby & Pregnancy Massage at Geelong Natural Therapies

Pregnancy Care

Pregnancy and baby massage by experienced myotherapists and massage therapists at Geelong Natural Therapies gives mothers-to-be relief from aches and pains by helping correct postural imbalances as the baby grows and your body adjusts to pregnancy. As well as providing relief from muscular and joint discomfort, pregnancy and infant massage can also be used to...
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Reflexology at Geelong Natural Therapies


Reflexology treatments are based on the principle that reflex points on your hands, feet, face and ears are connected to parts of your body, and that pressure or stimulation to these pressure points can trigger a healing response or release blocked energy. Reflexology is a subtle treatment that uses the application of gentle pressure. Your...
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