Remedial massage is a deeply penetrating form of massage that helps support and speed up the body’s ability to return to health after injury.

The myotherapists at Geelong Natural Therapies use remedial massage therapy to treat injuries and help remove blockages, scar tissue and adhesions that result from surgery. For chronic pain sufferers, remedial massage treats the whole body with the pain traced to its original cause, helping to heal the source of the pain.

Both deep and shallow remedial massage strokes can be used during this therapeutic massage, which calms the nervous system helping to ease the patient’s pain and discomfort.

As well as therapeutic remedial massage, other therapies used to treat patients include myotherapy, Bowen therapy and the Emmett technique in Geelong.

Assist your body in healing after injury with a therapeutic remedial massage by experienced therapist from Geelong Natural Therapies. Contact us to make an appointment today.