Myotherapy improves the muscular strength, flexibility and pain in patients with a myotherapist assessing, treating and providing ongoing management of muscular injuries and dysfunction.

Geelong Natural Therapies has three qualified and experienced myotherapists working from the clinic in Geelong, using myotherapy to treat patients for chronic pain as well as workplace and sporting injuries. You can book a myotherapy appointment with Shayne Sullivan or Michelle Rademaker by booking online.

During treatment sessions, our myotherapists use a range of gentle myotherapy techniques to restore and maintain the integrity of the patient’s muscles, tendons, ligaments and fascia – including identifying trigger points causing pain, tenderness and inflexibility, and deactivating them using soft tissue manipulation techniques.

Other myotherapy techniques used to treat patients include myofascial stretching, dry needling and rehabilitative exercises.

Ailments commonly treated with myotherapy in Geelong include: chronic overuse syndrome, headaches, back pain, tennis elbow, shoulder pain and injuries, knee pain, hand numbness and tingling, shin splints, neck stiffness, foot pain and spasms.

Our myotherapists can also combine myotherapy techniques with other natural therapies such as dry needling and the Emmett Technique in Geelong to ensure a holistic approach and the best possible outcome for our patients.