Pregnancy and baby massage by experienced myotherapists and massage therapists at Geelong Natural Therapies gives mothers-to-be relief from aches and pains by helping correct postural imbalances as the baby grows and your body adjusts to pregnancy.

As well as providing relief from muscular and joint discomfort, pregnancy and infant massage can also be used to improve circulation and lymphatic drainage, as well as release endorphins that aid in reducing pain and soothe mother and baby.

Pregnancy and baby massage can be performed at any stage of pregnancy with our myotherapists assessing each mother-to-be individually in terms of the treatment approach and position the mother will be placed in during the massage. It is useful in treating sciatica, lower-back pain, carpal tunnel, oedema, hip pain and upper-back pain.

After birth, therapeutic massage can also be used to realign the mother’s body. The holistic approach offered by Geelong Natural Therapies may also include other therapies including dry needling and Bowen therapy in Geelong to assist in balancing the mind and body.

You may able to claim a rebate for services if you are a member of a private health fund.