At Geelong Natural Therapies we host practitioners that are well-qualified and experienced to give you the care and support you need in maintaining your health and well-being.

Below are the natural therapy practitioners that operate from our clinic. Please browse our therapy treatments in Geelong¬†and don’t hesitate to contact us for more information.

Paul Gartlan

My name is Paul Gartlan and I work as a Myotherapist and a Buteyko Breathing Trainer Myotherapy is a form of active bodywork {Myo= Greek for muscle} for the most part I follow the methods of Tom Bowen {Bowen Therapy} and Ross Emmett {Emmett Technique}, both these methods involve gentle manipulation and pressure point work...

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Shayne Sullivan

Shayne Sullivan. Shayne established Geelong Natural Therapies almost 20 years ago as a place for allied health and natural therapies to work together. Experienced, qualified natural therapist Shayne Sullivan uses a combination of massage therapy, dry needling and neurolinguistic programming to treat physical pain and injuries, and assist her patients to achieve a positive outlook...

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Karen Evans

Karen Evans is a myotherapist who believes that great manual therapy is an invaluable tool in the quest to keep our bodies in the best possible working order. Whether it be for injury rehabilitation, improvement in range or function or a general maintenance shakedown, Karen’s treatments not only help address the immediate issue but also...

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Nicole Spehar

Remedial massage therapist Nicole Spehar uses various remedial massage therapies, assisting clients wanting to use massage therapy for injury recovery, relaxation and pregnancy-related concerns. Nicole has a wide range of qualifications including a Diploma in Remedial Massage gained from the Australian College of Massage. She is also a qualified personal trainer with a Diploma of...

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Dr. David Kavanagh

Dr. David Kavanagh is an experienced Musculoskeletal and Sports Podiatrist from Foot and Leg Pain Clinics. David graduated from Huddersfield University in England and has been working in a wide range of capacities as a Podiatrist and Sports Podiatrist in both the public and private sectors since 2003. David was drawn to the field of...

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Dan Smith

With over 9 years in the personal training and massage industries, as well as my thirst for information, I bring a wealth of skills and knowledge to assist in the treatment of dysfunctions and soft tissue conditions. Completing my post diploma studies with Sportsmed SA, I was asked to join the Athletics Australia massage team,...

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