January 28, 2015

From the day a person learns they have cancer, their world is never the same again. The innocence of thinking: “it won’t happen to me” is replaced with a myriad of emotions including fear, grief, sadness and a feeling that you’ve lost control of your world.

Then add the physical symptoms of the disease, and then the affects of treatment. It all adds up and can leave a person thinking that their life is not theirs anymore.

Oncology Massage is much more than a tool to relieve the physical symptoms of cancer and cancer treatments, it’s a way of helping people reconnect with their bodies and feel like themselves again. It gives people time and emotional space to get to know their changing body, giving them a chance to re-establish some mindful control of who they are.

Geelong Natural Therapy’s Oncology Massage Therapists Shayne Sullivan and Michelle Rademaker see their role in a person’s treatment and recovery as fluid – people can choose to use their Geelong oncology massage to help lessen the physical symptoms of experiencing cancer and treatments, or they can use their massage to assist them cope emotionally – whether they’re looking for strength, calm or to simply feel like themselves again.

Our Geelong Oncology Massage Therapists are trained by Australia’s leaders in oncology massage. We know how to assess where you are in your treatment phase and what treatments are most safe and beneficial for your own circumstances.

If you’d like to learn more about Geelong Oncology Massage contact Geelong Natural Therapies on (03) 5222 8766. Or, make an appointment for an Oncology Massage with our therapists Shayne Sullivan or Michelle Rademaker via our Online Bookings.