May 22, 2014

Be careful of using smelly old wheatbags over and over and over again – it could lead to a house fire.

Not many people realise that over time the grains within wheatbags can dry out and heating them in the microwave can result in a smouldering fire, especially dangerous is the wheatbag is used while you’re in bed or asleep.

Instead, the Geelong myotherapists and remedial massage therapists at Geelong Natural Therapies recommend heat packs containing Lupin.

Lupins are a bean that stays warmer for longer, and are less inclined to absorb water, which deteriorates the grain. The Lupins in our heat packs are also not treated with chemicals and are 30% lighter than traditional wheatbags.

Your myotherapist Geelong can order these heat packs in seven unique shapes and sizes, including shoulder wraps, a lower back wraps, a long body pack and more.

Why do we recommend heat packs? Their main use is for pain relief,  but you can also use them to warm you up, or to help get you to sleep.

So if you know of anyone using an old smelly wheatbag, send them into the Geelong Natural Therapies clinic at in 36 Shannon Ave, Geelong West or call us on (03) 5222 8766 to see what we have in stock.