June 30, 2014

Poor core strength and core stability is a major contributor of lower back pain and is something that can affect people of all ages.

Eliminating lower back pain is difficult unless you address the true cause, which is often a lack of core stability.

Your core muscle groups are a brace for your spine and work by encircling and supporting your spine, making them the most intimately involved groups in spinal stabilisation. These muscles also play a crucial role in communication with the central nervous system and brain.

A myotherapist from Geelong Natural Therapies can assist you in strengthening your core muscle groups, which can lead to a more refined neuromuscular system and improve lumbar support.

Your Geelong myotherapist will go through detailed instructions on how to activate your core, and will then progress to how to hold your core during functional activities like sitting, lifting and twisting.

If lower back pain is impacting on your life – the time to do something about it is now. ‘Live life, don’t just exist’. Make a Geelong myotherapy appointment by phoning (03) 5222 8766 or book online.