July 26, 2012

Benefits of Remedial or Therapeutic Massage

Remedial massage has a very valid role in helping people recover from injuries – whether they are sports, accident or surgically related.

The deep muscle massage that is part of remedial massage techniques stimulate deep muscle fibres, which helps speed the recovery from an injury by increasing circulation to the injured area and alleviating pain.

Recently the Australian Association of Massage Therapy analysed 740 academic papers on the effects of remedial massage therapy in assisting in the recovery of a range of conditions.

The report concluded that remedial massage had a ‘moderate to strong’ effect on improving conditions including that remedial massage could ease anxiety, help alleviate chronic pain, enhance lung function and reduce muscular soreness induced by exercise. The researchers also recommended using remedial massage because of its safety when used properly.

Geelong remedial massage therapist Shayne Sullivan only undertakes this therapeutic massage of gaining a full understanding of your current health and health history.

Shayne also ascertains why you’re seeking remedial massage therapy Geelong – is it to help recover from a specific injury or to help maintain overall wellbeing and balance within your body?

Deep and light therapeutic massage strokes will be used during your remedial massage therapy. If the remedial massage stoke pressure feels uncomfortable, it is important to tell your Geelong remedial massage therapist so the treatment can be adjusted.

However, it’s important to remember that ‘relaxation’ is probably not the aim of your remedial massage treatment. While it’s great that your Geelong therapeutic massage may make you feel relaxed, Shayne will keep a firm focus on the goal of the remedial massage treatment.

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