May 24, 2012

Massage is an ancient remedy for easing pain and rebalancing your body, possibly even the oldest of mankind’s therapies. Historical evidence from most cultures show they practiced some form of therapeutic touch and massage with most having special healers said to have the powers of healing by touch. Even prehistoric people massaged their muscles and rubbed plants, herbs, oils and various substances on their body to heal and protect.

Some 5500 years ago in Egypt aromatic oils, called ugents, were made by mixing aromatic plants, resins and gums with oils or fats and Middle Kingdom Egyptians used bassi massage which included a trance. In China 4000 years ago massage was used using pressure points with techniques spreading to Japan (via Korea) in the 6th Century where Shiatsu was developed.  It spread to India and Thailand and throughout the rest of the world becoming more popular in Western Cultures in the 20th Century.

Today massage is not a mysterious, alternative treatment. It is a proven therapeutic method used to treat body and mind to relieve physical and mental stress and ailments and we provide a qualified and professional Geelong massage service based on these years of tradition and experience.