February 6, 2013

Poor posture isn’t just about overcoming poor habits and ‘sitting up straight’, it can also be a sign that there are muscles within your body that are tense and shortened.

When anyone presents to Geelong Natural Therapies experiencing pain or discomfort, our Geelong myotherapists will analyse their posture as part of the initial diagnosis, as posture gives the myotherapist many clues as to why there is pain.

Postural analysis is also used to diagnose muscular issues that the patient might not realise are happening within their body. For example, muscle tension can make it difficult for someone to stand or sit correctly.

Our Geelong myotherapists work with patients to release muscular tension by using proven myotherapy techniques. The myotherapists also help patients become more aware of what’s causing poor posture and may recommend exercises to be completed in between sessions.

It’s important to address any posture misalignment to create a body that is pain-free and less likely to be injured during physical activity or at work.

For an assessment of your posture, make an appointment to see a myotherapist at Geelong Natural Therapies by email or phone (03) 5222 8766.