Myotherapy for migraines and headaches Geelong

Effective myotherapy for migraines and headaches in Geelong

November 29, 2021Geelong Natural Therapies specialises in myotherapy for patients struggling with migraines and headaches in Geelong and closely surrounding areas. If you are experiencing chronic pain in the muscles around your head such as the neck, face and upper back, then myotherapy may be valuable for you. Headaches can be triggered by a number of things...
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Myotherapy for neck pain in Geelong

Myotherapy for patients experiencing neck pain Geelong

October 20, 2021At Geelong Natural Therapies, we provide the treatment of myotherapy for patients experiencing chronic neck pain in Geelong. Neck pain affects a wide range of patients and is typically a result of inflammation or injury to the muscles, ligaments and joints of the neck due to overuse, poor posture or an incident where the neck...
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Myotherapy for lower back Pain Geelong

Qualified Myotherapy for lower back pain in Geelong

September 29, 2021Geelong Natural Therapies provides qualified myotherapy as a treatment for lower back pain for Geelong clients. Myotherapy is a complex and highly effective therapy that rehabilitates pain and muscular dysfunction, by using soft tissue remedial massage and trigger point release techniques. Myotherapy involves the releasing of tension in various areas of the body, commonly the...
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Karen Evans at Geelong Natural Therapies

Geelong Natural Therapies’ Therapist Spotlight part.1!

June 3, 2019This month’s therapist spotlight is all about Karen Evans. Karen is one of our best myotherapists, and holds an Advanced Diploma of Myotherapy and a Bachelor of Health Science (Comp Med). But her qualifications don’t stop there… She’s also a qualified personal and martial arts trainer, Nuad Bo Rarn practitioner, a member of the Thai...
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