My name is Paul Gartlan and I work as a Myotherapist and a Buteyko Breathing Trainer

Myotherapy is a form of active bodywork {Myo= Greek for muscle} for the most part I follow the methods of Tom Bowen {Bowen Therapy} and Ross Emmett {Emmett Technique}, both these methods involve gentle manipulation and pressure point work to release and relax the muscles giving the body a chance to improve posture naturally and relieve postural stress naturally. If you are looking for an aggressive “no pain no gain treatment” I am probably not the right therapist to see, pain seems to trigger the inflammatory response and delay healing and pain relief not help it.

Buteyko Breathing Retraining sounds a bit complex and scary but it is really just a method to get your breathing back to normal. It treats hyperventilation {over breathing}, which causes changes in the balance of gases in the body which can result an Asthma symptoms, Sleep Apnoea, Anxiety, Panic Attacks and about 100+ other reported symptoms caused by dysfunctional breathing.

We tend to think of ourselves as human beings and being a single organism but in reality we are made up of about six trillion cells acting in concert to work as a single unit, every one of these cells
relies on chemicals within the body to function efficiently, when you change the gases in your body by dysfunctional breathing the cells cannot react the way they normally would. Imagine baking your favourite cake but changing the amount of flour and sugar you use, the cake will turn out differently because the ingredients have changed, we are the same.

Buteyko Breathing Retraining is normally done in a 5 session course over consecutive days ideally. It can be done one on one or in groups of up to ten