March 31, 2014

Massage therapists at Geelong Natural Therapies can prescribe therapeutic aids to assist clients who need to pay attention to their posture as part of their ongoing recovery.

Geelong Natural Therapies stocks a quality therapeutic pillow and heat pack range by Thera-med, an Australian company that aims to provide premium quality Australian made postural comfort pillows and pressure-care products that encourage the spines natural alignment.

Thera-med has pillows for a variety of uses including pregnancy, sleep apnoea, childrens’ pillows, travelling, pressure-care, and back and lumbar support.

If you are recovering from injury or suffer pain, your myotherapist or Geelong massage therapist may suggest the use of a therapeutic aid to assist in your recover and prevent a future relapse.

For example, your Geelong massage therapist may prescribe patients with back pain to use a lumbar roll, which is a support for your lower back while sitting to keep the natural curve in your back. While you may choose to use a rolled up handtowel, our Thera-med pillows are so much easier to use. They stay in place and offer the correct amount of curvature, so they are really worth it.

If you’re looking for quality therapeutic pillows or heat packs call us on (03) 5222 8766 or book an appointment with a Geelong Message Therapist online.