December 4, 2013

Anyone who’s had a bout of bursitis will tell you it’s a painful condition that can cause significant pain and swelling – often in major joints like the shoulder, hip and knee.

Bursitis, or a bursa, is a fluid-filled sac that separates:

  • tendon from bone
  • skin from bone
  • muscle from muscle; or,
  • muscle from bone.

The separation caused by this fluid sac means the site of the bursa is subject to inflammation due to friction, trauma and sometimes infection.

The Geelong myotherapists at Geelong Natural Therapies can decrease friction forces by reducing muscle contractions in the overlying muscles and helping to prevent friction by working to correct your biomechanics.

As mentioned earlier, bursitis can be extremely painful – so it’s definitely worthwhile mention our treatment by Geelong myotherapists so we can work to help alleviate the pain.

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