September 19, 2013

Sporting injuries respond really well to myotherapy, which is why myotherapists are now integral members of professional sports teams’ player management.

Geelong myotherapy can be used to treat much more than just acute sports injuries, such as muscle or ligament damage to ankles, knees, backs and corkies – myotherapy is also used to treat old injuries that still cause pain or restrict movement.

Muscle related issues such as cramping can also be eased using myotherapy techniques.

Our Geelong myotherapists assess and diagnose a sports injury and treat them accordingly using dry-needling, deep tissue massage, biomechanical correction and joint mobilisation. We can also give advice on specific stretches, and strengthening exercises to help rehabilitation of the condition.

We also work with people planning to return to sport after a hiatus to strengthen and loosen their bodies to help prevent sporting injuries.

You shouldn’t have to put up with lingering pain from sporting injuries. If you’re experiencing pain, tightness or stiffness – that’s your body telling you to get help.

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