July 18, 2013

Often the first question people have about myotherapy is: “well … what’s that?”

It’s easiest to start with the catchphrase – “myo means muscle”. So, basically, the myotherapists Geelong assess, diagnosis and treat pain derived from muscles of the body.

Myotherapists also treat fascia, which is a covering that surrounds each muscle, as well as ligaments, joints, and bones.

Anything that effects the integrity of human movement and biomechanics can be treated by a myotherapist at Geelong Natural Therapies.

This form of treatment can be used in the corrective, preventative and rehab phases of a condition to help return the components of the body back to normal function.

The Geelong Myotherapists at Geelong Natural Therapies are qualified, experienced and dedicated to assisting patients in the prevention of, and recovery from, injuries.

‘Live life, don’t just exist’ and make an appointment with myotherapist Geelong via Contact Us or phone (03) 5222 8766.