July 8, 2013

The Geelong myotherapists at Geelong Natural Therapies have seen a lot of patients coming to the clinic with shoulder pain.

A majority of the time, after a myotherapy examination it’s evident that the pain is caused by postural dysfunction.

An example of postural dysfunction is when your shoulder is rolled forward and can be seen tipped forward from your shoulder blade. Another example of postural dysfunction is one shoulder sitting higher than the other, which indicates tight upper musculature on the raised side, accompanied by tight lower musculature on the depressed side.

A patient’s pain can then be exasperated by this sustained incorrect holding pattern which the body thinks is ‘normal’, however this must be addressed due to the long amounts of time a patient is spending in an uneven position.

During a Geelong myotherapy session, we we work to address the position of the shoulder and will may give the patient some exercises to do at home that aim to improve posture and lessen the likelihood that the postural dysfunction will continue.

If you have shoulder pain you should make an appointment with a myotherapist Geelong at Geelong Natural Therapies via email or phone (03) 5222 8766.